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June 7, 2016
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Reiki Healing – Its not all serious you know!

Reiki Healing – Its not all serious you know!

I know what I want to write about but its hard to get it out of my head today so I am just going to write and hope for the best!

Spirituality  and Reiki healing means so much to me, I know in my heat becoming more spiritual has improved and enriched my life in so many ways but when I first started learning and practicing it I used to beat myself up something chronic if I thought I “should” be doing this or I “shouldn’t” be doing that and I used to really get myself down about it, mostly about going out with my friends and having a drink and partying as I used to like partying hard and can still party hard when the notion takes me but now I am learning how to balance this much better – nowhere near perfect not by a long shot but I don’t beat myself up half as much!

I am human and I believe we are on this earth to experience as much as we can, positive and negative but where as in the past I have berated and belittled and bullied myself now I am accepting myself for who I am and if I like a drink or a piece of cake or to not clean my house and stay in my pjs all day then so be it and its great!

I suppose what I am trying to write about is balance, balancing your mind body and spirit. all work and no play makes Sarah a dull ( and miserable) girl so having fun is an absolute must!

Reiki will help to balance your mind body and spirit so if your struggling with working too hard or partying too hard or low self esteem, reiki healing will gently assist you to pull in all areas of your life,  the more you have reiki healing the more it can help you, not just in a sensible way but in a fun way. The Universe wants us all to be happy and love each other more and Reiki is the perfect way to start adding this to your life!

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