Reiki Attunements

If you feel guided to being a reiki healer or master there are a series of attunement ceremonies. Each one is special in its own right, you will be attuned to the special symbols and every time you will open yourself more to the wonderful Reiki Energy which in turn will raise your vibrations and you will be able to heal yourself, family, friends even animals!

Becoming Attuned

Each attunement is priced at £85.00, I strongly recommend having a few reiki healing sessions with myself before hand so we can both get a feel for each others energy and you can start to see Reikis benefits on your own life first.

Advice & Support

You will also receive full attunement notes for each attunement for you to keep and use as you go along, if you do have any questions or questions after an a attunement I am always available for support and advice.